UV Air Purifiers Help Protect Against Infectious Diseases

July 14th, 2020 | Wasatch Clean Air

While you may have always kept a clean home, the definition of clean has changed with the advent of COVID-19. We’re constantly washing, wiping and sanitizing surfaces and our hands. And yet, some people still get sick. We know now that the problem is in the air. Make your home safer by getting a UV air purifier installed.

Here at Red Rock Clean Air, we have been installing UV Air Purifiers in homes for years. The technology allows homeowners to kill microorganisms and pathogens in the air supply before they enter your home (and your lungs).

UV Air Purifiers in Utah

UV Light Kills Germs

UV Air Purifiers use ultraviolet light to kill viruses, bacteria, mold spores, pollen and more. We install the  purifiers within a home’s ductwork, so all the treated air passes through it before it enters the home.

These devices have always been popular with people who suffer from asthma, allergies, COPD, emphysema, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis and chronic pneumonia and bronchitis, because they help reduce the amount of pollutants in the air, making it easier to breathe.

But even those who have never had trouble breathing before are now opting to purchase UV Air Purifiers in an effort to reduce the chances of contracting COVID-19.

CDC Recommends UV Sterilization Method

While few methods of sterilization are 100% effective, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend using UV light to sterilize N95 masks and other personal protective equipment that cannot be thoroughly washed in hot water and dried in a dryer on a hot setting. Exposing the masks to the light is effective at killing COVID-19, as well as other viruses, bacteria and germs.

Some public entities such as mass transport systems routinely use UV light to kill germs and to make using the systems safer, according to Penn Medicine.

UV Light Works on a Spectrum of Contaminants

Homeowners who want to do everything they can to protect their families during these uncertain times are opting for UV Air Purifiers. Not only do they help protect against COVID-19, but they help protect against all the other airborne diseases and illnesses that we encounter on a daily basis.

And it’s not just microbials that the UV Air Purifier kills — it also kills dangerous mold spores that can get into the air supply from inside or outside your home. These can come from many different sources, but a common one is damp and rotting leaves in the fall. Purifiers also render inert the seasonal clouds of pollen that attempt to gain access to your home in the spring.

Safe & Effective

Because UV light contains radiation and health experts advise us to use sunscreen to protect against absorbing too much, you might be concerned about the safety of using a UV Air Purifier. However, rest assured that its location within your air ducts means you are safe from its effects. In fact, the device automatically shuts off when anyone attempts to access the air ducts.

Whether you’re in St. George, Washington, Hurricane, Littlefield or the surrounding areas, call Red Rock Clean Air today to find out how you can get a UV Air Purifier installed.