Stay Safe This Winter with a UV Air Purifier

November 10th, 2020 | Wasatch Clean Air

When it gets cold outside, we head inside, and that’s the start of cold and flu season. It’s a battle every year, but this year with COVID-19, the battle is more formidable than ever. Now is the time to call Red Rock Clean Air to get a UV air purifier installed. It will bring you peace of mind.

We can wipe surfaces down with bleach and wash our hands constantly, but these practices will not do anything to prevent airborne transmission of viruses and bacterial infections. Cleanliness does help protect against infections from germs left on surfaces that are easy to transmit, such as cold and flu viruses, salmonella, and hand, foot and mouth disease. But to kill airborne pathogens, you need a UV air purifier.

UV air purifier

How Do UV Air Purifiers Work?

The UV stands for ultraviolet light, and that’s what these air purifiers use to kill viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. UV rays have long been used to clean drinking water, and today, hospitals are using them to sterilize PPE, such as facemasks, to protect against COVID-19 transmission.

Red Rock Clean Airinstalls UV air purifiers at homes and businesses throughout the St. George, Utah, area. Although stand-alone air purifiers are available, we believe you get better protection from UV air purifiers installed directly in your air ducts.

That’s because all the air that your HVAC system draws from the outside to use for your heat or air conditioning is blown throughout your house via your air ducts. That’s why we offer air duct cleaning and A/C cleaning services — to cut down on dust and dirt in your indoor air.

However, as helpful as these services are, they cannot protect against airborne microorganisms. Only a UV air purifier can do that.

UV Air Purifiers on Duty 24/7

When you have a UV air purifier, all the air coming from the outside must pass through it to get into your home. And when it does, aUV air purifier renders these dangerous pathogens inert, thereby providing your family protection from illness.

And although we put the emphasis on viruses and bacteria because they can be so dangerous, the truth is that UV air purifiers also kill pollen and mold spores. Pollen is usually at its worst in spring, but can cause misery in allergy sufferers through the fall. Mold spores, which are rampant in fallen leaves, can cause problems year-round.

Call Red Rock Clean Air

Not being able to see the dangers threatening your family is scary. No one needs more anxiety right now. Take steps to get your family extra protection this winter. Get a UV air purifier installed by the team at Red Rock Clean Air. You’ll breathe easier, and feel safer.