UV Air Purifiers

Red Rock Clean Air installs UV air purification systems in residential homes and commercial and industrial businesses throughout the St. George, Utah, area. Living in St. George comes with a lot of perks. You get all the benefits of city living, but you also get to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Red Cliffs, Virgin River and the best of all the big, open spaces the West has to offer. Although the air in and around St. George is fresh and clean, the same cannot necessarily be said for the air in your building. The small, tight, enclosed nature of a building makes it easy for it to harbor contaminants — and not so easy to get these contaminants out again.
Red Rock special
Red Rock special

Dangers of Contaminants in your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is a complex network of moving and stationary parts, all working together to heat and cool your home. This system is equipped with a filter that must be changed regularly. This filter works to stop dust, dirt and other impurities from entering your system from the outside and being blown into your offices or the rooms of your home. And while it’s useful to have, a filter isn’t much defense against viruses, mold spores, bacteria, pollen and living organisms. All these microscopic invaders pass right though the filter, enter the ducts and eventually end up in your lungs. Continually breathing such contaminants often makes people sick, and their symptoms may last for weeks or months. Common symptoms include coughing, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, headaches, lethargy and more. The bacteria and viruses in an HVAC system can also cause other, more serious illnesses such as bronchitis, pneumonia and even the deadly hantavirus.

How UV Air Purification in St. George Works

A UV air purification system stops these invisible enemies in their tracks — as soon as they enter your HVAC system. The UV air purifier uses radiation to kill these organisms almost instantly. The device won’t harm you, your family or your workers, however. It is installed within your HVAC system, away from the building’s occupants. In fact, if anyone accesses the HVAC system, such as a maintenance or repair person, the UV air purifier automatically turns off. Once you choose to have us install a UV air purifier in your home or office, you will:
  • Breathe cleaner air.
  • Suffer fewer symptoms of illness.
  • Miss fewer days of work.
  • See an improvement in allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Feel healthier.
Contact us here at Red Rock Clean Air to find out more about getting a UV air purifier installed in your home or office. We help you help family members and employees stay healthy and productive.