Crawl Space Cleanup & Water Proofing

Red Rock Clean Air provides waterproofing and encapsulating services for homes and other buildings that have crawl spaces throughout the St. George, Utah, area.

Many builders dig cellars or build basements as part of a house construction project, but not everyone does. You can’t let a building sit directly on moist ground, so builders leave a crawl space underneath. This space can be anywhere from about 18 inches to several feet high; hence the name, as you cannot stand up in this space, only crawl around.

Red Rock special
Red Rock special

Why Crawl Spaces in St. George Are Unpleasant

By almost any account, a crawl space is not an inviting area. Dark, damp and smelly, it’s usually home to a host of unwelcome creatures such as raccoons, possums, rodents, spiders, snakes and more.

Crawl spaces also tend to be damp, because they never see the light of day or get warmth from the sun. This constant dampness provides a perfect environment for mold to grow. If you have insulation between your floor and the crawl space and it gets wet, you may see it hanging down and turning black with mold growth. This problem can spread to floorboards, joists, support beams and more.

Some crawl spaces are even plagued by standing water. This presents a serious danger to anyone who enters, as it brings with it a possibility of electric shock. Repair professionals usually refuse to enter a wet crawl space or basement for this reason. 

Further, you may wish you could use your crawl space to store items such as tools, your weed whacker or a plastic tote of Christmas ornaments taking up valuable space in a closet.

But you don’t want to go down there, because it’s so gross and scary.

Waterproffing and Encapsulation Services

Red Rock Clean Air can help with our waterproofing and encapsulation services.

Our crawl space services include:

  • Structural repairs and reinforcement
  • Insulating and sealing
  • Removing debris and rotting materials
  • Leveling of crawl space floors

With waterproofing, we level your crawlspace, cover the area with a heavy plastic and secure it so that it stays snugly in place. This is especially effective in areas where the water table is high and the ground tends to stay wet.

If you opt for encapsulation, we enclose the entire area in a vapor barrier. This not only keeps out moisture and critters, but it helps insulate your home against the air in the space. You’ll be able to store items down there safely and you’ll no longer be bothered by musty, unpleasant smells.

Rely on Red Rock Clean Air Throughout St. George

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