Blower Motor Cleaning


The professional team at Red Rock Clean Air of St. George offers a variety of HVAC services, and one important one is blower motor cleaning for your air conditioning unit.

Blower motors perform a critical function in the operation of your A/C unit. They are responsible for blowing both the hot air out of your building and the cold air in. If your blower motor doesn’t work, your A/C doesn’t work. For this reason, it’s important to keep this part of your system clean and in good working order.

Blower Motors: What Can Go Wrong?

Over time, a blower motor can collect quite a bit of grime around the shaft and on the fan blades. This grime makes it more difficult for the blades to turn, so the motor has to work harder.

This extra effort on the part of your A/C costs you money in both the short and the long term. Your energy bills will be higher because your A/C will run longer to reach the desired temperature. The extra effort will shorten the life of the parts and the unit, which will cost you in repairs and replacement.

Just as bad is the fact that whenever the fan blows into your system, bits of the grime come loose and enter your home. Some of the dust particles are so small you cannot even see them. You probably breathe them in whenever the A/C kicks on.

You might have attributed that annoying cough or persistent headache to allergies, but it might actually be caused by contaminants in your building’s air.

Signs of Blower Motor Problems

But if you’re not familiar with blower motors, how do you know if yours is dirty and needs cleaning? Here are some tips about what to look out for:

  • Your air conditioner makes an unusual a humming sound.
  • Your A/C operates inconsistently.
  • The air conditioner is running, but no air is coming from your vents.
  • Your A/C is producing less or no cold air.

While these problems may have sources other than the blower motor, cleaning your motor is a good place to start.

How We Clean Blower Motors in St. George

Cleaning the blower motor is not a DIY job — you must take the A/C apart to clean it. Once we get your unit apart, we spray the blower motor’s components with a specialized cleaner that quickly and easily removes dirt and grime. Then we scrub it if necessary, hose it off and put it back together.

Rely on Red Rock Clean Air for HVAC Cleaning

Keeping the parts of your air conditioner clean help keep them in top condition. Consider pairing the service with an A/C coil cleaner, so your unit will run at peak efficiency.

Contact Red Rock Clean Air today, and make an appointment to get cleaner air.