AC Coil Cleaning


Red Rock Clean Air wants your air conditioner to run smoothly and problem-free all summer long. That’s why we provide A/C coil cleaning for homes and business.

Your A/C has a lot of important parts. The coils, usually made of copper or aluminum, help cool your home by releasing the hot air that builds up inside your building to the outside. Over time, dust, dirt and debris will settle on the coils, making it harder for them to release the heat trapped inside. A/C coils get dirty regardless of where the unit is located, but dirt collects faster if your A/C is outdoors.

When your A/C coils are dirty, your air conditioner has to work harder to reach and maintain the temperature you set your thermostat at, which results in more wear and tear on your appliance as well as higher electricity bills.

A blanket of dust on your coils can even contribute to your unit freezing up, which at best means a day without A/C while you wait for it to thaw, and at worst, an expensive repair.

Red Rock special
Red Rock special

Red Rock Clean Air Cleans A/C Coils

While homeowners and DIYers could conceivably hose off their A/C coils to improve their unit’s performance, it’s not the same as a professional cleaning. Plus, you must be certain you’ve disconnected the power properly before beginning any attempts to clean your unit in order to avoid damage to the system and electric shock.

The technicians at Red Rock Clean Air start by using specially designed brushes to remove bulky debris such as leaves and sticks. Once we have a clear path to your A/C coils, we coat them in a cleaning product that helps break down dust and dirt. After letting it penetrate the grime, we hose it off.

It’s important to note that when hosing A/C coils, you must point the water stream in the right direction and refrain from using too much pressure. Either of these mistakes can result in a damaged unit.

Count on Red Rock Clean Air in St. George

Electricity is expensive, and keeping your A/C coils clean is one way to combat this growing bill. Especially in large homes or wide-open office or factory spaces, you want your A/C to operate efficiently.

Cleaning your A/C coils also reduces the risk of system breakdowns and unit failures. A broken A/C in your home can leave you and your family uncomfortable, but a broken A/C at work can shut down your business.

Avoid discomfort, repair bills and lost revenue. Call Red Rock Clean Air today and make an appointment to get your A/C coils cleaned.