Other Air Cleaning Services We Offer


The team at Red Rock Clean Air provides St. George residential homes and commercial businesses air duct and dryer vent cleaning, but we also offer a variety of other services in an effort to keep the air you breathe clean and clear.

Red Rock special
Red Rock special

A/C Coil Cleaning

Summers are hot in St. George, Utah, and we often run our air conditioners 24/7. As we like to say out West, it’s a dry heat. But the dust from this dry heat can, unfortunately, present a challenge to our air conditioners.

The coils become covered with the dust, and this makes it difficult for them to release the hot air they removed from your house into the outdoors.

Get service from Red Rock Clean Air. With clean A/C coils, your unit will work better, longer.

Blower Motor Cleaning

You may not even be aware that your A/C has a blower motor, but trust us, it’s an important part of your system. The fan blows the hot air out of your house and the cool air into your house.

When it gets covered in dirt and dust, the blower motor’s job becomes harder. It’s harder for the fan to turn when the blades are heavy with grime, and there’s not as much room for the exchange of air.

Rely on Red Rock Clean Air to keep your blower motor — and your A/C coils — clean and in top working order.


St. George residents and business owners have enough to think about every day — they don’t want to worry about whether they need their air ducts or A/C coils cleaned. That’s why they rely on the team at Red Rock Clean Air. We provide our customers with lifetime services, so they never have to worry about their access to clean, breathable air.



Most crawl spaces are dark, damp and dirty. That’s why spiders and snakes love living there! But you’d be happier if they didn’t.

Red Rock Clean Air provides crawl space waterproofing and encapsulating to keep critters — and water — out of your crawl space.

Mold Remediation

We’re always battling mold. Whether it’s in our basement, shower stall or our favorite pair of kicks, you’re practically guaranteed to run into mold at one time or another.

The experts at Red Rock Clean Air are trained to zero in on mold growth and get rid of it. We also provide advice and recommendations to our residential and commercial St. George customers for remediating issues that might be contributing to mold growth.

Got mold? Call Red Rock Clean Air.

Sanitizing & Odor Removal

Mold can cause your home or office to smell, but so can a lot of other undesirables: dead rodents, dirty HVAC filters, pet odors. All these smells are pervasive and difficult to get rid of. But not for Red Rock Clean Air.

We use special products and chemicals to remove the odors from your property and restore your good, clean air.

Get in touch with Red Rock Clean Air today, for any of our standard or specialized clean air services.